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Are you frustrated because you are getting no action on the real estate you want to sell?

We all know that real estate values have plummeted in recent years. However, there are still buyers in the market. The big question is "How do you get them to make an offer on your property?"

One way is to lower your price, but that may not work either because you are competing with so many properties on the market that it may never get the attention of a buyer at any price you put on it.

Consider the advantages of auction marketing.

You decide the date your property sells and the terms of sale. Typically, the date of the auction can be conducted after a thirty to sixty day marketing period. The terms would be "as is" with no contingency contract.

Concentrated marketing program. The combination of signs, brochures, media advertising, internet promotion focused in a relatively short time frame are designed to create excite potential buyers. Just the word "Auction" generates attention. The general perception is that an auction means deal, and the bargain hunters(which includes almost everyone), will at least come look at the property.

There is no guessing if your property is priced too high or too low. The competitive bidding process places the pricing decisions with the buyer. Each bidding participant will bid up to his maximum, and end with the bidder that has the highest perception of value.

Buyer procrastination ends at the auction. Bidders are forced to make fast decisions. They have a date and time certain that they must be prepared for, or they miss their opportunity.

Stop holding costs. As a property languishes on the market, the expenses of taxes, interest, maintenance, deterioration, and management are chopping away at the owner's recovery. Holding out for that dream buyer may not make economic sense.

Why Sell Your Real Estate on the Kincaid Auction Internet Bidding Site?

All of the elements of an internet auction are pretty much the same as a live auction. The main difference is that the bidding is done on a computer rather than face to face orally.

For the sellers, the internet bidding format allows the diversion of promotional funds that would have been spent on tents, auction day personnel, refreshments etc. to more productive advertising.

Internet bidding opens the auction to an unlimited geographical area to those potential buyers that would not otherwise attend the auction.

The prospective bidders are able to bid at their convenience from their computer or other internet device. They can place their maximum bid and the program will automatically advance their bid incrementally until the maximum is reached. There is also an automatic extend feature that prevents sniping as long as bids are still coming in within a few minutes of each other.

Most bidders feel less intimidated by internet bidding and they like the anonymity of not exposing themselves to the other bidders and the seller.

Worldwide customer base.

After twenty years of auction marketing, we have developed a customer base of over three thousand auction bidders. Added to those prospects, our internet partnerships and auction calendar listings with Auction Zip, National Auction List, National Auctioneers Association, and the Florida Auctioneers Association and Loopnet, enable the exposure of your property to hundreds of thousands of auction buyers.

Trained experienced staff.

Randy Kincaid has been a professional auctioneer for over twenty years and has conducted hundreds of liquidation auctions including real estate, business equipment, inventories, and estate property. Partnerships with local realtors bring their expertise on what is happening locally.

We deal with the buyers.

Unlike many online auction companies, we deal with the bidders, handle negotiations, and prepare all required contracts and documents necessary to facilitate a smooth closing. As a seller, you don't have to spend your valuable time answering bidder questions, negotiating, and worrying about compliance with real estate law. We do all of that for you. All you do is provide us with the marketing information that we need and we handle the rest until you get your check. The buyers are also more comfortable dealing with a reputable auction company that has a good track history in fair and honest dealing. We will never intentionally misrepresent a product we are selling.

Guideance in the best way to accomplish your objectives.

Our understanding of current trends and market conditions, enables us to give you a realistic idea of what to expect from the sale of your assets. We can help you decide the best venue for your liquidation needs, whether it be live auction, internet auction, fixed price sale, or private treaty negotiation.

The Kincaid Auction goal is to put the most net proceeds in your pocket.

Regularly scheduled auction events

You don't have to wait for an auction to add your property. We are conducting auctions on a regular basis. Your assets can be successfully marketed in as little as 21 days.

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